Golden Hour by Claire



Artist and Founder

Claire, also known as "Bebsy", is a visual artist currently based on the East Coast of Australia. Living amongst a family purposed by creative expression, Claire utilises acrylic paints to transpose abstract pieces resulting in ethereal, texturally - engaging pieces of art. Her pieces integrate earthy tones and clever simplicity which transports you into a world of warmth and serenity. 

Claire gathers inspiration for art in her the day-to-day life and travels. She can be found dancing around her studio, relaxing around the house, capturing moments on film, or surfing and adventuring.

You can stay up to date with her art releases is by following her journey on Instagram @GOLDENHOURBYCLAIRE . She also paints commissions and murals, and offers wholesale to small boutiques around the world. You can find more information on this website or drop a line to clairebebsy@hotmail.com


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